James Leonard Siddall jr

curriculum vitae


via Rielta 22/d
30174 Venezia
tel. +39 348 2614178

personal information

born: Ohio (USA) 1964
nationality: USA
married with children
EU residency and work permits

biographical sketch

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, since 1983 James Siddall jr has worked in the fields of industrial design, interior design, facilities management, design management, and education, with a strong focus on the impact of emerging technologies and their influence on daily life and in the workplace. As a project manager, his wide-ranging transversal knowledge has permitted maximal flexibility in choosing the most innovative and suitable solutions.

He began working with professional CADD systems for PC and mainframe while in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon University), and later in Chicago, and since then has been interested in the integration of computer technologies into professional practice both as a designer and as a consultant. He has held conferences and seminars as well as teaching about the integration of technology in the workplace and in the design process. Articles about his projects, as well as his own articles and essays on design and technology have been published in Italian and international books and magazines and included in exhibitions.

From 1987 to 1999 he worked with ICS Design - Maurizio Morgantini, architect: his design work focused on work environments for the finance sector subject to intensive technological impact, with the development of avant-garde and experimental projects and studies, including: Telematic Ulysses (Neocon, EIMU); the Integration of a new Multimedia Televideo Conference Center into the historic Grand Assembly Hall of the Milan State University; Real-Time Dealing Room Simulation (SIOA and EIMU office fairs); Unified Treasury Dealing Room and Trading Room Credito Italiano; Dealing Rooms and Facilities Management of the Milan Headquarters BIM-IMI – San Paolo Torino; Central Plant Control Room Solvay Italia; Carige Biodynamic Dealing Room.

He has taught at the Milan Polytechnic - Bovisa Campus, and from 1999 to 2002 was coordinator of the trans-disciplinary Master of Design program FUTURARIUM: School of Design Art Architecture. He was coordinator, teacher and systems administrator for FSE (European Social Fund) courses for webmaster and webdesigner.

He has consulted for the design, development, and management of a variety of personal, commercial and institutional web sites, including the Lombardy Region - Department of Family and Social Services, Thais.com and YOOX.com.


Benet Academy – College Preparatory High School, 1979-1982, diploma 1982
National Merit Commened Sudent
Who's Who among American High School Students, 1981-1982
United States Achievement Academy National Student Leadership Award, 1982
Illinois Benedictine College, Lisle IL, College of Liberal Arts, 1981-1982
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, College of Architecture, 1982-1984
University of Illinois at Chicago, 1984-1987: Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design 1987
Dean's List, 4 quarters
GE Plastics "Reach Beyond" National Student Design Competition 1987, 3rd prize

selected professional experience

Capco Construction, Chesterland, OH 1980-1981, residential and commercial construction labor

Antoinette Guercio & Associates, Naperville, IL 1983-1984, residential and commercial interior design

Goldsmith Yamasaki Specht Inc., Chicago, 1986, industrial design, new product development

IPI, Palazzetti Contract Showroom, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, 1986-1987, sales and customer relations, display design, showroom design

Studio Architetto Pamio, Scorzé (VE), 1987-1988, new product development, lighting, home furnishings, kitchen design, personal urban transportation

Studio Nava, Lissone (MI), 1989, new product development furniture design

Studio ICS Design, associated with Morgantini & Partners, Milan, 1987-1999, research, design, project management and facilities management, applying and integrating advanced technologies in work environments, banking and financial offices, and control rooms, custom furniture design

Deatec, Milan, 1990-1995, 2003-2004, design, project management, and construction supervision of advanced financial trading and dealing rooms, furnishings and spaces for finance

COSMIT (Italian Furniture Fair Organizing Committee), 1991-1994, coordination of official photographic and video services for EIMU and Salone del Mobile, exhibition and publication research

FAAR - Fondazione Architetto Augusto Rancilio, Milano, 1991-2000, system administration and research coordinator for special projects in architecture, design, and technology

Studio PAU - Progettazione Architettura Urbanistica, Milano, 1996-1999, personnel training in IS, CAD and CAD Management

Studio Radiosity, Milan, 1997-2002, development of Internet project area and systems administration

"Architettura Americana in viaggio", 1998, seminario

Auten SpA, Milan, 1998-2001, Control Room design

Futurarium School of Design Art Architecture, Milan, 1999-2002, academic coordinator Master of Design Program

Studio Architetto Corrado Serafini, Milan, 1999-2005, GIS - Geographic Informations Systems - city of Segrate (MI), Local Public Emergency Plan (Alessandria)

Studio Architetto Paolo Ricatti, Vicenza, 2002, architectural and office design

Laboratorio Morseletto, Vicenza, 2002, project development

SIS Sistema Imprese Sociali – Education Department, Milan, 2000-2002, coordinator, teacher, and systems administrator for European Social Fund courses FSE 2000-2001 "webmaster - web site coordination and management" and "web site creation and development"

Lombardy Region - Department of Family and Social Services, Milan, 2001-2009, webmaster site www.famiglia.regione.lombardia.it; planning and coordination of design and information architecture overhauls; development and implementation of CMS, special content sections; standards and accessibility monitoring and compliance

Agenzia Fotografica Michelangelo, Venezia, 2005-present, development of specialized printing applications, also with web interface for remote printing and rapid print management

Studio Foscari Del Vicario, Venice, 2005-2006, collaboration rehab projects in Venice historical center and in protected architectural heritage buildings

Villa Malcontenta, Malcontenta (VE), 2005-2007, redesign, reorganization and development of site of Andrea Palladio's historical Villa Malcontenta

Elma Hotels, Venice, 2007-2008, design, development and reorganization of the group's Internet sites for effective SEO and integration with a new portal with interactive reservation services

Cooperativa Daniele Manin, Venezia, 2009-present, redisgn and management institutional website, SEO and code optimization, development and management of on-line advertising

Hotel Serenissima, Venezia, 2011, reception, front and back office, arrivals, departures and client relations

Hotel Lisbona, Venezia, 2011-present, reception, front and back office, daily and periodical accounting, arrivals, departures and client relations and correspondence

selected works

"Telematic Ulysses: The New Office Landscape" (Chicago 1986; Milan 1987; Paris 1989), cultural exhibition into future workplace research

The Emperor's Office: A Metaphor for the Workplace, Merchandise Mart of Chicago 1987, research and exhibition design and construction

Sigeco, 1990, design, construction supervision, and installation of Dealing Rooms and Trading facilities

"Mobili Italiani 1961-1991: Le Varie Età dei linguaggi" Triennale di Milano, Milan, 1991, exhibition research and development

Multimedia Televideo Conference Center integration into the historic Grand Assembly Hall of the Università degli Studi di Milano, 1991

"Virtual Laboratories" (XXVIII Triennale di Milano), 1992, development of "Virtuality" environments and exhibition installation

Real-Time Dealing Room Simulation (SIOA, Bologna, 1992; EIMU, Milan, 1996), concept, development and installation of a fully functional temporary virtual stock trading workstation

Cosmit, "Italian Furniture 1961-1991: Variety in Linguistic Currents" (Ed. Claudia Donà, Cosmit ediz. 1992), book research and English translations

"Spazio per i Bambini" (Abitare il Tempo, Verona 1993) lighting design

San Paolo - IMI Fideuram, 1994-1998, design, construction supervision, and installation of Dealing Rooms, Trading facilities, finance management offices and technical support rooms; computerized facilities management and planning of the Milan Headquarters and specialized workplace compliance documentation

Credito Italiano, Consolidated Treasury offices, 1993 and Trading Room, 1995, Milan, global project design and management of sub-contractors for technological and environmentla plants

Fineco, Dealing rooms, executive offices and technical facilities, Milan, 1993, design and construction supervision

COSMIT, "1963-1993: 30 years of the Salone del Mobile", Triennale di Milano, 1993, research and development of exhibition

Banca del Salento, Trading Room and finance management offices, Bari, 1994, design and project supervision

Banca Popolare di Milano, Dealing Room, Milan, 1994; London Headquarters, 1996, design and construction supervision; Milan Central Banking Hall, 1997, revitalization project; Financial Points, 1998-1999, project and construction supervision for development of new investment banking branch offices

Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi, Main Trading Room, Roma, 1995, design and construction supervision

"Maurizio Morgantini. Architecture, Design and Technology - Projects 1985-1995" (Chicago 1996) exhibition research, graphic elaboration and design

Cariplo, Dealing Rooms, Milan, 1996-1997, design and construction supervision (with Austin Italia)

"Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Architecture and Design" (Chicago 1997, Pasadena 1998)

American School of Milan, 1997, preliminary project for a new assembly hall and sports facility

Solvay Italia, Central Plant Control Rooms, Rossignano (LI), 1998-2000, design and construction supervision of control rooms and technological plant integration

Finanza & Futuro (Deutsche Bank Group), Investment Centers, 1997-1999, development of new office typologies for investment agencies: experimental branch offices and supervision of national roll-out

Carige, Main Dealing Room, Genoa Headquarters, 1998-1999, design and construction supervision with biodynamic lighting and HVAC plants

Department of Family and Social Services - Lombardy Regione, www.famiglia.regione.lombardia.it, 2000-2009, webmaster, monitoring, updating and maintenance of dynamic content, coordination of redesign and integration new technologies: conversion from static HTML to dynamic ASP, conversion of Access databases to SQL Server, development and realization of forums, news sections with real time management (CMS), adaptation to highest level accessibility practices and respect of Italian Accessibility Law 04/2004

Biennale giovane Sarajevo, exhibition at SpazioGiovani, City of Milan, 2001, installation and supervision of technological projects and IT integration (PC - Mac – Unix platforms)

Civil Defense plan of Alessandria Province Communities Consortiums, 2002-2003, preparation and modification of the plan for publication on interactive CD-Rom and Internet

Diesel Kids, Offices and warehouse, Marostica (VI), 2002, design and construction development

Thais Photography, www.thais.it, 2001-2019, site automation, development of password protected areas and their management, interfaces for purchases and on-line payments

Isia, www.nuncestbibendum.it, 2003-2004, development of on-line inventory management, protected areas and user management, shopping cart, order management and on-line payment interface

Elma Hotels, Venice, 2007-2008, Internet portal for a six-hotel group, including accommodations search and reservations, development of secure management and payment systems, SEO (search engine optimization) for the ranking of the single hotels and the new portal

Participation and consultation for the design, development and maintenance of Internet sites, including (1995-present):
www.angelofeletto.com, www.consorziosis.org; www.corradoserafini.it; www.faar.mi.it; www.filaforum.it; www.hanuman.it, www.lamalcontenta.com; www.mauriziodonadio.it; www.yoox.com, plus additional personal, commercial and institutional sites

Author of articles and essays in Italian and international magazines, including: Applicando, Design Week (UK), Display, Modo, Office Layout, OfX, PC World Italia

Publication of projects, exhibitions and works: l'Arca, Brutus (Japan), Casabella, Design Issues (USA), DM&C, Form (Sweden), HU Habitat Ufficio, Interiors (USA), Inter.Net, Internet News, Interni, Kult, Modo, Office Layout

technical skills

project management: organization and management of heterogeneous workgroups and task forces, particularly in diversified areas including: technology, finance, research, education, accessibility;

hardware/systems: use, maintenance, and administration of diverse platforms and configurations, including the most common operating systems for workstations, servers and networks;

software: power-user/expert/administrator level knowledge, suitable for office management and teaching in areas of office automation, programming, communications, Internet, graphics and CAD;
use, maintenance, and administration of personal computers under Dos, Windows, Macintosh, *nix; Intel and compatible, Apple hardware of diverse configurations; Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server networking; Internet technologies at all levels.

languages: native English, Italian fluent written and spoken.

selected knowledge sets in information and communications technologies

building, administration, and maintenance of computers: Windows (PC Client, Workstation and Server from DOS to Win2003/Vista), Macintosh, nix variants; hardware Apple, Intel and compatibles, clones, custom-built; installation, configuration and management of Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server networks with mixed platforms; Internet, WWW, FTP, E-mail, VOIP, multimedia, network and individual security.

mainstream and personalized applications: medium-advanced and expert levels, including teaching

office automation: OpenOffice, MS Office, Database, advanced specialized hardware driver management, configuration and use

CAD, graphics and illustration: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, 3d Rendering, etc.

programming: development of custom applications and solutions and adaptation/customization of existing solutions, both stand-alone and via Internet, with the evaluation, selection and coordination of both single and combined technologies, including AJAX, ASP, CMS, ColdFusion, Database SQL, DHTML, Javascript, Lisp, PHP, Visual Basic